The Shoebox
The Eighth Summer
Lisa Mercado-Fernandez is a writer and published author.  She has written three works of fiction about loss and love and the bonds of friendship we create throughout our lives.
The Shoebox, The Eighth Summer and Holding on to Hope all share her favorite coastal sea town settings.  Her fourth book, Pieces of Home is a story about her house and her inspirations in decorating and creating an inviting home.

I love writing about the things in life that change and form who we are.  The connections we create change us forever.  I write about hope and love, faith and grief and rising up from our pain because that is what we all share no matter where we are from.  Whether it’s from my own experiences or from ideas I have created in my mind, I stay true to writing about the things in life that really matter.–Lisa Mercado Fernandez

Lisa Mercardo Fernandez, Author