When I first thought of writing this novel it was about 25 years ago. I was cleaning out my closet in my office when i stumbled across an old shoebox.

Among a few postcards, old high school photos and a few old boyfriend mementos I found some letters and cards I had kept and for some reason had never discarded. And as I read through them. . . Peter began to take form.

I have been asked by my readers if Peter Michael’s is indeed a fictional character or is there a glimmer of reality in my story. To be completely honest I have to say. . . (wait for it… )

Peter is not completely a fictional character. He is a morphed version of people I have known and yes my husband is one of them. Peter is my perfect “dream man” if I am going to reveal the real truth.

Madeline Marsden, although a primary character takes a second seat to Peter in my novel. The true protagonist, hero, and main character is Peter Michaels.