Happy New Year everyone.  I hope and pray you all have been well and have enjoyed the Holidays with family and friends.  I had shoulder surgery on Dec 5th, been a bit slow but finally getting back on track with my writing.  Took a break from the third book right before Thanksgiving.  I was consumed as I usually am with Christmas decorating, hosting parties and being with family and friends.  I can happily say I am ready to write again.

So just a little background info on the third book.  The title is Holding on to Hope.  I am in the final stages and will be working with my editor in a few weeks to get it done and ready for publication.

I know my fans will not be disappointed.  Once again my characters amaze me.  Each book I write I become enamored with my characters and story line.  My fans have always written to tell me that they have fallen in love as well.  This book will do the same I believe.

So stay tuned for my next book and getting ready to fall in love with Nicolas and Hope Garrett.